Sunbeam Electric Heated Warming Comforter Premium Luxury Review

The  is unique because it gives you the feel and comfort of a luxury down blanket blanket but is made with a 100% hypoallergenic polyester fill. It provides you with a comfortable and lightweight blanket that will give you many nights of blissful sleep. The Thermofine Warming System of the blanket monitors the heat range …

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Biddeford Sherpa Quilted Skirt Heated Mattress Pad Review

Biddeford Sherpa Quilted Skirt Heated Mattress Pad Controller

If you are looking for a luxurious, very soft and toasty warm mattress pad the  is just what you’re looking for. When that temperature outside starts dipping well below freezing it is essential to have something to not only warm up the bed before you retire but to also keep you comfortable throughout the night. …

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Aqua Bed Warmer Review


Here’s an unusual review for this site because it’s not an electric blanket per-say. Its called the Aqua Bed Warmer and it heats up your bed by circulating heated water through the 100% cotton Aqua Pad which is placed on top of your mattress. So if you are worried about the “possibility” that electric blankets …

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Sunbeam Heated Electric Cotton Blend Mattress Pad Review


Going to bed on a cold chilly night will soon become your favorite time as this quilted mattress pad from Sunbeam envelops you in warmth and superb comfort. The  will heat your bed to just the level of warmth you love. This queen size mattress pad has separate heating zones so you can set the …

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Sunbeam Quilted Polyester Heated Mattress Pad Review

When you start using this gorgeous heated mattress pad you’ll wonder how you ever survived those cold winter nights without it. The  comes in four different sizes namely King, Queen, Full, and Twin. This Mattress pad is made using 100% polyester and the Pro Controller is very easy to use. The controller comes with ten …

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Soft Heat Micro-Plush Electric Heated Queen Mattress Pad Review

is amazingly soft and with a luxurious Micro-Velour fabric on top provides the ultimate in sleep time comfort. Built into this heated mattress pad is the Safe and Warm low voltage technology that converts normal 120 Volt AC current into a completely safe and low AC current similar to what you would get from a …

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Sunbeam Heated Beige Microplush Throw Blanket Electric Review

 will envelop you in comfort and luxurious warmth. The throw is made from extremely soft microplush considered by most to be the softest ever used by Sunbeam. It is ideal for watching TV, reading or taking a nap on those cold winter nights. This throw will save you tons on heating bills as you don’t …

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Sunbeam Royal Dreams Heated Electric Blanket Review

As we get closer to winter and to those chilly, frigid nights we begin thinking about how we’ll be keeping ourselves and our loved ones warm and toasty. The first thing that comes to mind is, thank goodness for electric blankets, mattress pads and throws. How did we ever survive without them? Thanks to Sunbeam …

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Sunbeam Channeled Microplush Electric Blanket Ivy Green Review

Sunbeam Channeled Microplush Electric Blanket Ivy Green

  . It literally envelops your in warmth and comfort with its beautiful smooth ultrasoft microplush fabric. The ability to personalize your heat settings means you can rest peacefully as the thermofine warming system monitors and auto adjusts the temperature to maintain consistent warmth throughout the night.     Main Features Briefly An easy to …

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