Aqua Bed Warmer Review

Aqua Bed Warmer
The Good
  • Brand new concept and design
  • Silent operation during the night
  • Consistent and precise warmth
  • Separate zones on the Queen and King sizes
The Bad
  • Emits a faint hum


Here’s an unusual review for this site because it’s not an electric blanket per-say. Its called the Aqua Bed Warmer and it heats up your bed by circulating heated water through the 100% cotton Aqua Pad which is placed on top of your mattress. So if you are worried about the “possibility” that electric blankets can affect your health negatively then this is ideal for you and your family as it ensures absolute peace of mind.




The Aqua Bed Warmer’s AquaHeater has an intuitive control panel where you program the precise temperature and how long you want it to remain on. The device will then heat the water to that precise temperature (not a degree either way is good enough) and circulates it through the Aqua Pad. This guarantees you consistent warmth ensuring you get a really quality nights sleep. The Aquaheater also features both Fahrenheit and Celsius scales.


Features of the Aqua Bed Warmer

  • The Aqua Bed Warmer circulates heated water through a very thin 100% cotton mattress pad
  • The Aquaheater provides you with a precise temperature setting and run timer
  • By using a noise cancelling propeller you are guaranteed exceptionally quiet night time operation
  • There are no electrical wires and no electricity for absolute peace of mind
  • Separate heating zones available with the Queen and King size bed warmers
  • The water heater constantly monitors the temperature so there is no chance of overheating


The Aquaheater on your bedside table

The Aquaheater on your bedside table

This is a really innovative idea and concept to use heated water instead of electricity. A lot of people refrain from using electric blankets or mattress pads because they have heard somewhere along the grapevine that using them could have negative effects on their bodies. This theory has been tested many times by governmental agencies and it has never been proven that the magnetic fields that are generated by electric blankets or mattress pads have any detrimental effects on one’s body.

On a personal note my wife and I have both been using mattress pads for 30+ years and have suffered no effects whatsoever. If you or someone in your family has reservations about using an electrical product then the Aqua Bed Warmer is ideal for you.


Aquaheater Connections

Aquaheater Connections



Placed next to you on your bedside table the Aquaheater warms the water to the precise temperature you desire and it is then fed through the mattress pad on your bed to provide you with consistent warmth for however long you prefer.





In addition to this the Queen and King size mattress pad have completely separate zones for both you and your spouse which means you each have your section set to whatever heat settings perfectly suit you.



  • Brand new concept and design
  • Put to rest any fears you may have of magnetic fields or fire risks
  • Silent operation during the night
  • Consistent and precise warmth according to your individual needs
  • Separate zones on the Queen and King sizes



  • One person said he could hear a faint hum during the night


The Aqua Bed Warmer has the highest rating of any product I have ever seen on Amazon with a 4.9 out of 5 stars. It is a newish concept and I do predict it will catch on and sell lots. Be the first of your group of friends and family to buy this innovative product and experience the ultimate in winter warmers.



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