Mattress Pad or Electric Blanket?


718Ms92penL._SL1500_Which is the best buy – the heated mattress pad or the electric blanket? Once you have gone through this article you will have a much better understanding about both appliances and which would be your perfect buy.

The heated mattress pad is placed on the mattress itself and usually covered by your sheet and then by a duvet or blanket. In this instance the heat from the mattress pad is produced from below your body and is contained mostly between the mattress and blankets above.

On the other hand the electric blanket would cover you and a lot of the heat would radiate upwards into the bedroom. Basically this means that the mattress pad generates and retains most of the heat below your blankets.

Due to the fact that mattress pads are laid flat on the mattress and are not continually moved around they are inherently much safer. Electric blankets and the electrical cords attached to them are being continually moved around as you get out of and into bed. Also when getting out of bed the blanket is continually folded onto itself and the combined heat could cause scorching. So it is a necessary habit to pull the blanket straight while you are not in bed.


Pros of the Electric Blanket

1) Easy to use and can be used in other rooms in the house

2) Luxurious and comfortable
3) Some have dual controls so each person can set their own warmth preference
4) In most cases they are cheaper than the heated mattress pad

Cons of the Electric Blanket

1) A lot of the heat generated rises upward and away from the blanket

2) Care must be taken when the blanket is folded over as this can cause scorching
3) Electric blankets have a habit of slipping off the bed


Pros of the Heated Mattress Pad

1) Once placed into position it does not need to be moved again
2) No worries about the pad being folded over
3) Most of the heat generated is contained below the blankets and sheet
4) The mattress pad is fastened to the mattress and cannot slip off the bed

Cons of the Heated Mattress Pad

1) Some people complain about the wiring being uncomfortable but the newer mattress pads have ultra thin wiring that, once it is covered by the fitted sheet, are barely noticeable
2) They tend to be more expensive but, considering the benefits, they are definitely worth paying a bit more


Heating Wires

What is a fact is that mattress pads are only now gaining in popularity in the US as most buyers have preferred the electric blanket. The good news is that whatever appliance is your preference you are saving a bundle of money on heating costs. My wife and I both use heated mattress pads and over a period of 25 years we have never had a single problem As soon as they start showing signs of aging we replace them immediately.

Heated mattress pads have also been our first choice simply because they are trouble free and easy to use. Some people however prefer the electric blanket and that is their preference, we just like the simplicity of using a heated mattress pad. Both have the same great benefit of preheating your bed so it is toasty and warm when you retire. Why not make use of these wonderful appliances this winter!

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