Serta Damask Stripe 233-Thread Count Heated Mattress Pad Review

Serta Damask Stripe 233-Thread Count Heated Mattress Pad
The Good
  • Safe and Warm low voltage technology
  • Ultra-Thin wires
  • Automatic pre-heat and hold feature
  • Two separate zones with dual controls
The Bad
  • The cord that links the controllers is slightly short limiting placement options


This super soft and heated mattress pad by Serta sets a new standard for comfort. Heated blankets can be bulky and heavy, making you feel trapped more than comfortable with their weight. The Serta Damask Stripe 233-Thread Count Heated Mattress Pad is the solution that you have been waiting for. Because it is a plus mattress pad, you are not adding blankets to your bed, but rather, it will sit comfortably under your sheets. Sleep in warm comfort with the Serta heated mattress pad.

Main Features Briefly

  • Safe and Warm low voltage technology which saves energy, is very safe and allows you to sleep comfortably even in a cold room.
  • Ultra-Thin wires which are evenly spaced ensuring no hot and cold areas and are barely noticeable.
  • Handy automatic pre-heat and hold feature with over-temperature protection for absolute peace of mind.
  • Two separate zones each with dual controls – auto shutoff after 10 hours.
  • Incredibly soft micro plush fabric that is machine washable and dryable without any annoying pilling, stretching or shrinking.

Here are some reviews of this Serta Mattress Pad

  • My wife and I have used the king-size version of this product for two years now and we love it. It’s easy to clean, and neither of us is ever aware of the wires in the product. We bought this as a gift for her Mother, since she complained about her feet getting cold in her bed at home.
  • This is a great product. I put it on my bed and it will keep you plenty warm even on lower settings. I put it on 4 setting and I was nice and warm so I can tell you that if you put it on high you will bake. lol. I high recommend this product. I put it on my mattress under my bottom sheet as to keep it clean and you can tell its there but when using it you will keep nice and toasty warm.
  • We have purchased several mattress pads over the years. This is by far the best one. The plush top is very, very comfortable! And the controls are a better design than some.

Main Features

  • The Serta Damask Stripe 233-Thread Count Heated Mattress Pad is a luxurious mattress pad made from fabric that is micro-plush, super soft and features a cotton shell that has a 250-thread count.  The mattress pad is also fully machine washable and can be dried without any pilling, stretching or shrinking of the fabric.
  • King and Queen sizes feature dual controllers so each person can have their own personal setting.  There are 10 heat settings that can be used including a pre-heat setting so your sheets will be warm when you go to bed – never go to bed with cold sheets again.
  • Revolutionary warming wires that are flexible, thin and placed evenly apart so that your head will be just as warm as your feet.  The super thin design means that the wires are barely noticeable.
  • Because safety matters, instead of running on 120 volts like standard electric blankets, this electric mattress topper operates using a non-hazardous low-voltage DC current of less than 25 Volts. Lower voltage also means that this mattress pad uses less energy.
Serta Mattress Pads

Serta Damask Stripe 233-Thread Count Heated Mattress Pad

Secondary Features

  • After 10 hours, the auto-off feature will turn off the electric mattress pad for energy conservation and safety. An over-temperature protection is also built in to prevent the mattress pad from going above a safe temperature.  You can sleep easy knowing that with Serta your safety is their priority.
  • Each control features a non-slip bottom to help them stay in place on your nightstand or bedside table; which means no more fumbling around to find your controller because it has slid off onto the floor.
  • The backlit and large numbers on the control makes it easy to make adjustments during the night and once you have made your adjustment the control will auto dim.
  • Temperature adjustments are done silently with no clicking or other noises to wake your significant other.



  • Machine washable
  • Easily sets up on top of the mattress and then make the bed as usual
  • Controls are situated at the corners of the pad so they are out of the way
  • Heating wires are thin enough to not be noticeable when you lay down
  • Auto-off feature
  • Low voltage
  • Pre-heats your sheets
  • Plush fabric



  • The cord that links the controllers is slightly short, limiting placement options
  • If you stay in bed for longer than 10 hours the auto-off feature will turn off the heat


Some More Reviews

  • We’re very happy with this heated mattress pad. The controls for each side are attached at the corner of the pad, rather than at the middle, which is nice because then you’re not sleeping on the controls. The wires are very unobtrusive; I can’t feel them when I lay down on it. The auto-off feature is handy, though I wish it was a bit longer than ten hours sometimes, for when I sleep in!
  • The quality & fit seems good. Operation is simple. Towards the end of the night, it seems to get a little too hot in the middle. Changing the setting does not seem to alter this behavior. Still, I like it.
  • This is a replacement for a Serta heated mattress pad that we have used on our bed for years. This updated version is great, more plush, well fitting and comfortable. Heats up quickly all over the bed even the middle. We love it and hope it lasts as long as the one we replace.

In summary if you are looking for a comfortable and safe way to warm your bed, without the added weight of electric blankets, the Serta Damask Stripe 233-Thread Count Heated Mattress Pad is perfect for you. It is low voltage, the wires are virtually undetectable and there are 10 heat settings making it easy to find your ideal setting. It also received a whopping 4.6 star rating out of 5. This is a quality mattress pad at a very reasonable price. Highly recommended.


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